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An Evening in Florence

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Laura Zucca-Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was “A Good Summer” (June 2019).

An Evening in Florence
By Laura Zucca-Scott

While you fight alone
A tired warrior
in a grey hospital room
I watch the evening lights
reflecting on the serene waters
of the Arno River
Patches of brightness against the dusk

Two lovers walk hand in hand
their soft laughter
lost in the fading day

A lone seagull watches me from the parapet
I wish I could ask him
What he is doing so far from the sea
But I know he would not answer me

We walked down these streets before
Breathing history with every stone
Dreams and tears of many generations
Still singing their broken melodies

I turn back and see the shadows of the past leaving
But the city is still running
And I keep waiting for tomorrow

2 Responses to “An Evening in Florence”

  1. Charlene james says:

    Oh, how truly lovely. The images stay with you

  2. Laura, I love this. I know it has depth of family, and the beauty of Italy. From the heart.

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