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[Don’t Stop Trying to Commandeer]

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Steven Minchin’s most recent poem to appear here was Can Kill Above (March 2014).

Don’t Stop Trying to Commandeer
By Steven Minchin

If I don’t stop trying to commandeer your eyes
To get to your mind
I’ll go mad with speculation

See, now that it’s clear that you won’t give,
Won’t blindly subside, I’m twisting inside
See, now it’s all that’s on my mind

If I don’t stop trying to get control to override
To imprint your mind
I’ll go mad with speculation

4 Responses to “[Don’t Stop Trying to Commandeer]”

  1. Michael D. Brown says:

    Excellent, I love the voice and word play!

  2. Sometimes imagination is much better than realization.

  3. Jeanette, so true- and in between the two is even better! That’s the wonderfully maddening realm of speculation (which is always nicely augmented with the desire to instill realization through a take over of imaginations).

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