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Boone is a mother, writer, social worker, and teacher. She lives with
her husband, two daughters, four guinea pigs, and two mice in Corpus
Christi, TX. Her work has appeared in
CommunityLinks, Poetry Forum, New Beginnings, VegNews, Fertile Ground, Mamaphiles, Hirkani’s Daughters
(anthology published by La Leche League International), and on numerous
parenting Web sites. Mariah writes a regular column for We the People
News and publishes the zine Lone Star Ma. See more of her writing at Lone Star Ma Blog. Enjoy this taste-of-late-summer poem! It is so tactile it makes the reader reach out to catch the fireflies.

By Mariah Boone

Arriving home from evening errands made exhausting
By the baby’s desperate hatred of the car
We find the neighbors out
Gathering in front of the houses
That rare, sweet convergence

So we sit
In the cool darkness
Rest in the soft glow of Neighborhood
Watch the progression of the lunar eclipse
With mothers and fathers and children
Nursing the now happy baby

Stresses of the day
Eclipsed by our communion.

One Response to “Eclipse”

  1. sarah says:

    Nice! I can identify with this, too.

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