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Eight Haiku for Spring

05.19.17 Posted in today's words by

Susan Davis Gabbay’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Orchid” (March 2017)

Eight Haiku for Spring

Demeter’s daughter
Winter captive of Hades
Returns with springtime

The sun is warming
Mother Earth will soon respond
With leaves and flowers

Spring is coming soon
A little bird sang it out
As I passed by him.

Baby red maple
shivered through the chill winter
now shows tiny leaves

There were daffodils
near the downtown parking lot
standing tall, budded.

Iris in the bud
I wait to see the color
As the bloom unfurls

The tall, sturdy stem
of the iris carries a
bud showing color

A low wall guarded
By a phalanx of iris

3 Responses to “Eight Haiku for Spring”

  1. Charlene james says:

    What a delightful array!

  2. Teri Sharum says:

    So lovely–all of them. I especially liked the one about the daffodils.

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