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Embracing the Dream

05.31.12 Posted in words to linger on by

A product of the 1960s and 70s, Michael Copeland was raised in the rust belt of the Midwest in central Ohio. His loving family and rocky early years formed his view of life as it swirled around him. He began writing poetry as a way to deal with inner feelings, as a personal diary. From his Derry NH studio, Michael continues to pursue graphic design, color styling, and digital photography. Living in an artistically open manner is important to him and he hopes to leave something of value to his children. You can find him on Facebook.

Embracing the Dream
By Michael S Copeland

You snap your fingers and the world slows,
there is no word to match this moment.
Then you run into an old French flame
but you’ve never been to France.
This all feels fresh the second time around
and you step back to look at the world.
Across the emotional crevasse you ask
for a seat at the table,
only to be directed to a stranger’s open
minded embrace.
Memories become irrelevant
in this augmented reality.
You can prevail in your pursuit
of perfection.
You have pulled the plug
on the parallel universe
and a greater journey
has begun.

One Response to “Embracing the Dream”

  1. I loved the journey.

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