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Endless River

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D’Elia is a talented young writer from New Jersey. He writes poetry and
short stories and he’s currently at work on a novella. He also sings
and acts. To read more of his poetry, visit his blog.
As he prepares to enter eighth grade, he gives us this look over the
edge of the precipice. How relatable, how universal, how nicely

Endless River
By Gianluca D’Elia

My days are getting young
Like smoke, they soar into the sky
Nothing will remain after me
Just memories

I build a sandcastle
It will not last the night
So what’s the point at all
If everything goes away?

I cherish memories
They’re all that I have left
So why do I believe them so badly
If they were already made for me?

What is the point of life’s eternal river
If it breaks like a weak wooden bridge?
What if I fall on my way to heaven, oh Lord?
Can I build up to heaven from my ashes?

One Response to “Endless River”

  1. Rae says:

    Starting with the title, traveling through each of the images, this is a wonderful, searching poem. Thank you for sharing it.

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