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Entrepreneurs at More Than Six eBay Shops

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was “Or By Inland Lakes” (December 2017). Her latest collection from Unbound CONTENT is Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties; order it here.

Entrepreneurs at More than Six EBay Shops
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Entrepreneurs at more than six EBay shops grieve their lack of goombahs.
In ways that leave space for calling names, their “muscle” creates problems.

After all, it’s atypical to grant a single manufacturer total rights to muster.
No more than forced interdiction keeps lurking Mustelidae from pouncing.

Without sufficient bomas, denizens of local gurges ought to fear bursaries
Since they hide decades behind cameras, avoid leading ladies and tophers.

Remember, syncretic systems cause weak frugality to: gain spurs, bark, kick
Insouciant boyfriends to curbs, cry devoid of intermission, use catachresis.

Grateful, not kvetchy, activists feel intrepid in large cities, yet folks wet
Their pants when walking alone in outlying villages. Talent’s intermittent.

See, bounding off of sofas in less than a minute per parsec, while facing
Deceased parents’ handouts, never foiled government-sponsored crimes.

Ultimately, gusto for denuding land compensates our thorough copy writing.
Supplying photos, likewise, appeals to most people s’ amatory sensibilities.

Unforeseen expenditures, every hurly-burly playground, pageant, or lollipop
Aside, craft futures where fierce wives don’t insist on alimony’s futile mises.

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