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Or By Inland Lakes

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to publish here was “Prioritizing Quintessential Deeds” (September 2017)

Or By Inland Lakes
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

There’s no coin to be had in media circuses or by inland lakes. Reinventing
Polemic selves makes for the deconstruction of disposable efforts.
Professionals routing against wickedness, pilfered by seagoing clowns, consume
More sheep than people “smart enough” to face perfidious hunters.

We’d not bother to care, ever again, to face down social leman if not for the sanctity
Afforded by music. Lasting goodness wafts with speaking, then grasping wisdoms.
“Out there” live grownups that encourage the provision of colleagues’ notes;
Most stars offer dusky backdrops for an appreciation of basic truth

Answers formed by moonbeams or casual light reflected off of rounding bellies,
Old wiley enemies, their eyes larger than dinner plates, their knives unsheathed,
Charge that gestation, childbirth, and nursing bring undeserved wonderment.
Population swells, potency in women, also in panegyrics, establish precognates.

In a generation or so, maybe youngsters, seamed to their life mission, will serve,
Strong, thick trunks, made large despite prematurely felling, writing about mud.
Connections webbing from Skokie to Hebron, bring healing by dint of faith.
Boy phenoms protect promises made to ugly dogs growling technology; pain hurts. 

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