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Prioritizing Quintessential Deeds

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was “If You Need a Reason to Read Under the Covers” (February 2015). Her latest book, Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceities, published in July and is available for order at this link.

Prioritizing Quintessential Deeds
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Prioritizing quintessential deeds,
Makes mawkish prose populate
With people, also weird critters.

Maybe, Mars will become habitable
At such a time, dating sweet looking,
Artless aliens, chanced at salad bars.
Will be fine, no longer scandalous.

For now, fictitious persons can’t talk
Back, press on past existent oubliettes
Try outlying, barely accessible zones.
The avoid scary, vital prevarication,
Boluses, punters, surplus iconic bits.

Intergalactic assemblages are trendier
Than paperbacks celebrating discord.
For various reasons, exploring stars’
Electronic pulses might prove puerile
If backed by telescopes, microscopes,
Bonus instruments of medieval torture.

Gelatinous slugs are rumored to enjoy
Barking nations’ rights to antinomies,
Fueling greenhouse fears, tempering
Mannerisms, possibly escalating old
Clarion summons to uncompromisingly
Revisit planets’ exertions at patency
Among obsequious hominid visitors.

Presently, space gangs claim no surety
Of safety from limy leeches, sour dogs.
Swearing off unnatural spheres’ spins,
Fighting off omnifarious inapt elements
Handy in negotiating for orchids, films,
Shared graphics, broods full of alacrity,
Stippled servant, interspecies beliefs,
Copious fraternities flouted on comets.

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