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“No drama in life” and five other haiku by Charlene James-Duguid

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Charlene James-Duguid’s most recent poems to appear here were three poems published in August 2017.

No drama in life
Unless you eat endlessly
Acid persimmons.

Walking Wounded tramp
Through life’s forest Yeti-like
Thrilled they have survived.

When fragile larkspur
Bloom, they like where they’re planted.
Do the same for friends.

Fix what you can fix.
Weave with joy a spider’s web.
Call it Private Fate.

Pretend yours is an
Antic Spirit overfilled,
Breaking all records.

When horror strikes you
In your bad dreams, try this trick.
Escape! Walk backward.

One Response to ““No drama in life” and five other haiku by Charlene James-Duguid”

  1. Tim James says:

    I like these poems lots
    Graceful and calming are they
    Read, think and enjoy.

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