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Two by Erren Geraud Kelly

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Erren Geraud Kelly’s most recent poem to appear here was “Blues Like Sunday Morning” (September 2016)

Like the new orleans saints and
the chicago cubs
obama turned the improbability
into reality
He played the game  with the
Hand  congress dealt him
And an arm tied behind his back
And outlived the cliches
He found bin laden when
The bushes didnt
When fires of hate brewed
Over america, he put them
Out with hope
As a neo soul soundtrack played
In the background
Blackish plays in the background
On someone’s flat screen
The cosby show for millenials
A trophy of post-racial black america’s accomplishment
Unlike bill, he didnt ruin an
Intern’s dress
But armed only with “yes we can,”
and a people’s first lady
He cleaned up the mess
W made
But isnt that what black people
Do best ?

and he lived to tell the tale…

black emo kids and white hip hop
heads can  lay claim to the american
He was scandal free and
And sucker free
His ride into the
Sunset will result
In a sunrise in another childs
Hope will never die as long
As we have the audacity
To turn no into a yes
That black people are more
Than a history month or a
Hollywood moment
As i look back, i must confess
A date with angelina wouldnt
Have been all that anyway. . . .

                                  (Written January 17, 2017)

Sad But True
By Erren Geraud Kelly

Barack Obama
Has about as much
Of becoming president
As Dracula does
At getting the keys to
A blood bank

It could happen
And I could end up
Dating Angelina Jolie

                                  (Written March 2008)

3 Responses to “Two by Erren Geraud Kelly”

  1. Pete says:

    Such a great tribute. He was our better angel.

  2. Jeremy Nathan Marks says:

    I really enjoyed this. It captures a feeling I share, too. And I also loved seeing the piece from nine years ago included at the bottom. It took me back to that moment.

  3. Quite the poem, and the the change in view.

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