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Every Day Knowledge

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Editor Annmarie Lockhart had the honor of spending a recent afternoon with the creatively gifted students of Ms. Jones’ fifth grade class at the McCloud School in Englewood NJ. After a lively discussion of poetry and inspiration and a reading of some of their individual work, the students collaborated on a free write poem which is posted here. Look out world! There’s a whole lot of talent getting ready to shine! 

Every Day Knowledge
By Ms. Jones’ Fifth Grade Class

The ninja, young and a little delusional,
mistook aggression for skill.
So the master, brave and wise,
devised a lesson, real-world instruction.

They went to the desert,
to the place of hot springs,
and the master told the ninja
how the geyser is like a bad temper,
how hot water and steam, like mean words
or a quick punch, can deliver pain and sorrow.

The master taught the ninja to jump,
fast and light, side to side, over
and around the rising water,
how not to be burned,
how to exercise 
discipline and self-control.

They crossed the plain into the land of sports
and the master demonstrated the technique
of the shot put, the value of mind and body
working as one. They saw that a team
playing football, basketball, kickball,
any kind of ball, can combine their strengths, 
act as one body, and win the prize.

They saw that the goal of the world is perfect
friendship, building trust, sharing secrets, hopes,
and dreams, fostering peace, rendering happiness.

This is a tale of a ninja and a master
and how bonds grow from simple acts,
how a story emerges from representation,
the personification of a lion and a mouse,
how friendships form outside the norm,
how a good word can turn the whole world
from enemies to sisters and brothers.

5 Responses to “Every Day Knowledge”

  1. Ray Sharp says:


  2. Sara Fryd says:

    A huge WOW and Awesome writing from Arizona.

  3. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    I enjoyed this fantastic poem with all it’s wisdom — a “good word” turning the whole world! Great work!!

  4. Jean says:

    Dear Ms. Jones’ class, Your poem is well-written, uses great imagery, and clearly, you have chosen each word with care. It also has an excellent message. I particularly like this stanza:

    “The master taught the ninja to jump,
    fast and light, side to side, over
    and around the rising water,
    how not to be burned,
    how to exercise
    discipline and self-control.”

    Congratulations and thank you for this poem.

    Jean McLeod
    My last name is pronounced the same as your school’s name, “McCloud,” even though they are spelled differently. That makes them homophones!

  5. bobbie troy says:

    Amazing, just amazing!

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