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Becoming My Father

04.29.17 Posted in today's words by

Richard Schnap’s most recent poem to appear here was “Decision” (March 2017)

Becoming My Father
By Richard Schnap

I put on the light blue shirt
The diagonally striped silk tie
Step into the khaki pants
Slip into the wing tip shoes

And suddenly feel transformed
Into a man that I barely knew
Who told me once that love
Was something that men didn’t do

As I come to understand why
He gave his devotion to things
Paintings of lonely landscapes
Books on the tragedies of man

Now I stand facing myself
In a mirror and see him there
A ghost whose eyes still betray
The sorrow he bore alone

2 Responses to “Becoming My Father”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Wow, Richard, this is great. What a picture.

  2. Very sad these memories. I hope your image shows that Love does come to men.
    “Who told me once that love
    Was something that men didn’t do.”

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