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Fish Man

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R. Gene Turchin is a resident of Fairmont, West Virginia, but currently is stuck in Cape Coral, Florida.

Fish Man
by R. Gene Turchin

The show’s about to begin,
See the fish-man!
Washed up alive last year.
Naked as a babe.

Only one dollar!

They studied him at the University.
Kept him in a glass tank.
He breathes through gills!

See the fish-man!
See him swim!
Read about his life in the book he wrote himself.
With a pencil in his mouth.
Ain’t got no hands!

See the fish-man!
Only one dollar!
Step right up!
See the fish-man!

So I paid to go in
To stare.
But could only see
His eyes.
Leaving footprints past me,
Out the door.

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  1. lol Thanks, I needed that!

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