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The Garden of Matisse

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The Garden of Matisse
By Lise Colas

Just a space on a studio wall,
a sway of shapes
against dazzling white,
your bold hands like rakes
combing at seaweed,
shaping colours from light,
lucid patterns of ecstasy
spill into a medusa ballet
chasing the tail of a parakeet
into a stab of pleasure
cut out from pain,
while gestures from your long-distance
brush meander a path
in this obscure floating world
with no shadows cast,
leaving a trail of pomegranates,
like cock boats adrift in an afternoon calm,
and on the last panel but one,
a boudoir in the air described,
where a voluptuous mermaid,
emblem de luxe,

5 Responses to “The Garden of Matisse”

  1. Charlene james says:

    Lovely tribute , so apt, to a master artist

  2. I’m sure Henri would say,

  3. My comment should have said:

    I’m sure Henri would say, Je vous remercie, belle dame.

  4. Mira Taylor says:

    Thanks for all the kind comments :)