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Generate Precipitation

08.12.17 Posted in today's words by

AJ Huffman’s most recent poem to appear here was “Fragments of Divulged” (June 2017)

Generate Precipitation
By AJ Huffman

The necessary tear mimics an ancient
dust, stimulates recollection, the existence
of interrelation. A stone index
emitting fumes. Follow the makeshift
tale (the oscillation is not fixed),
visualize the liquid. [Spark!] The most
addictive additive is logic,
yet the suppression thereof is the dam
that continues to regenerate the volt, that rush
that releases the gates of even
the most settled of reservoirs.

One Response to “Generate Precipitation”

  1. Kay Middleton says:

    Excellent poem. Especially liked “suppression thereof is the dam…”.
    Great words choices throughout made for a thoughtful and moving piece.NK

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