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Grapes of Comfort

10.23.09 Posted in today's words by

Borland’s poetry always feels like dessert to me: a little decadent, a
lot delicious. His poems are often sweet, sometimes biting, always
observant, and frequently funny. You’ve read Weeds and Birdsong here. Keep up to date with all Bryan’s latest publishing news at his Web site, and pay particular attention to his upcoming audiovisual appearance at Shape of a Box. This poem is very sweet, with definite sad and bitter notes rounding it out. Much like many varieties of grape.


Grapes of Comfort
By Bryan Borland

Feeding my husband grapes
on a Sunday afternoon road trip,

to my sixteen-year-old self
who planned funerals instead of weddings

I want to show him this image
and tell him life will be sweet.

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