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Greatest Story Ever Told

03.05.10 Posted in today's words by

William Jackson is a poet currently based in Sydney, Australia. Mark’s
work tends to the introspective and narrative, questioning meaning and
extracting emotions from particular situations. He makes use of vivid
metaphor and he believes “poetry should punch into your head or break
out like your drunken father.” You can read more of his work at his blog.
As you steel yourselves for the crazy weather of March (and after the
crazy weather of this winter), read this poem and try to think of it
all as a story. You’re writers and readers, surely you people are good
with stories.

Greatest Story Ever Told
By Mark William Jackson

The earth bleeds its oily wounds
into the pockets of man,
evolved to rape and pillage
crystals burnt into the sand.

The oceans scream their whale songs,
while the ice shelf drops its load
Carved in bone the history of man,
the greatest story ever told.

18 Responses to “Greatest Story Ever Told”

  1. Each line packs a wallop. You did a beautiful job.

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