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Howard F. Stein’s most recent poem to appear here was “Tweet and Text” (August 2017)

By Howard F. Stein  

strong hands
warm hands
gentle hands
inviting hands—

hands that
fit perfectly
enfolded with mine
your hands

3 Responses to “Hands”

  1. Sandy Patton says:

    Howard, I love how you managed beautifully to convey feelings of warmth at the mere touch of a hand. It’s always lovely to read a poem that makes such a strong impression in so few words. I feel the strength, the bonding and the love in those hands. Well done!

    • Howard Stein says:

      Thank you Sandy, for truly understanding — and feeling — the heart of the poem. The touch of a hand is never “merely” a touch. It can embody universes of connection. Sometimes a poem such as this more expresses yearning than accomplished fact. Warm regards, Howard (Stein)

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