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Hearth Beat: for my poetry group

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Dale Leffler lives and writes in New Jersey. His poetry has appeared at the prompts page. Dale has been an integral source of inspiration in the many writing circles he’s been part of over the years. Maybe his description of the experience will encourage others to write in the collective.

Hearth Beat: for my poetry group
By Dale Leffler

A gathering of chairs set in a round
four legged platforms of stability
occupied by sensibility, nobility and fragility
the two legged mobility, at rest for the now.

One thought spoken, a spark ignites
the kindling beneath the larger logs
bigger more solid ideas form and crackle to the surface.
Acceptance generates heat, displays a blaze that starts
another flame that cast shadows throughout the room.
This hearth’s production fills the space;
no one is its owner, we all stoke it in turn.
All attend to it and in return are bequeathed the light
and thus warmly gifted by camaraderie this very night.

One Response to “Hearth Beat: for my poetry group”

  1. You’ve painted a beautiful picture.

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