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Human Condition

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Born to a South Carolina mother and a Boston Yankee father, Dr Andrew Badger has 4 daughters and 1 son (each was born in a different state, but all graduated from the same high school). He is also blessed with a stepdaughter and a stepson. He graduated from Bob Jones University and the University of Southern Mississippi. His graduate studies were in linguistics; he used to consider himself a grammarian. After just 1 party he learned that on one chit-chats with a grammarian. Andrew spent 40 years in the classroom as a high school teacher, a community college instructor, and a university professor. He has had a short story and a number of poems (2 award winning) published. He is retired and he and his wife Deleana enjoy their children and grandchildren, writing, and crafts.

Human Condition
By Andrew Badger

I see your face, I hear your voice
that speaks “I love you” wrapped in smiles.
I push my blundered day aside–
attempt to blunt my workplace stress–
to offer tender words of love.
But, no. I hear my words encased
in bitterness–opposing tones
that sting my Love–inflections which
betray the very words themselves.
The pain, the shame of traitorous tones
demand redress. “Forgive me, Love,
absolve the one whose speech has hurt.”

4 Responses to “Human Condition”

  1. Congratulations, Andrew! Good poem. I loved the approach to self-awareness.

  2. Great emotion in this poem.

  3. Deleana says:

    I like it.

  4. Ken says:

    “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Wonderful poem, Chairman.

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