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I love a man

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Andrea Varga’s most recent poem to appear here was “Distraction” (April 2018).

I love a man
By Andrea Varga

I love a man.
I love the words
that cascade from his mouth
like rabbits from a magician’s hat.
The blackness of his hair
that reminds me
of the times I’m mad.

The dark eyes
that make the corn fields
want to go mad
wishing for the clouds to melt,
to cry rain and blood
and acid that paints the world black.

In the blackness below
radiating red
the children of the revolution
are creating offsprings
that are conceived dead.

Faces and necks
and hands, squinting irises,
trembling legs
yell in your face
and want you my love,
had, had, had.

One Response to “I love a man”

  1. Hiram Larew says:

    I love a [this] poem…

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