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Invitation to a War

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Mary Ann Dimand was born in Southern Illinois where the Union North meets Confederate South, and the influence of this region is evident in her writing, technical editing, and even ministry. With an MA in economics from Carleton University, an MPhil from Yale University, and her MDiv in theology, Dimand’s multiple disciplines afford conceptual and poetic leverage. Some of her previous publication credits include: The History Of Game Theory, Volume 1: From the Beginnings to 1945 (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics); The Foundations of Game Theory (Elgar Mini Series); and Women of Value: Feminist Essays on the History of Women in Economics, among others.

Invitation to a War
By Mary Ann Dimand

Let us not rest with conflict,
the wrangling of pain—
let us make it war. Then
the glory of skin hardened
to gleaming carapace, eyes
tuned as scopes, scanning,
and the heart thrumming with the beat of fear.
No ambiguity—just
the clear, fine terror of Friend or Foe.
Shuddering comes in the dreams
that cannot end. No victory there.

One Response to “Invitation to a War”

  1. The honesty and fear of this poem makes us think.

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