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Just A Thought

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Frank Adams’ most recent poem to appear here was “Clarity” (July 2019)

Just A Thought
By Frank Adams

In a world where we imprison children
discard the sick, the mentally ill, and the elderly
we dare speak of justice.

In a world where we worship the famous
idolize the rich and powerful, place dollars
above people—we dare speak of equality.

In a world where we arm ourselves
build bombs instead of schools
we act shocked when people kill with guns.

In a world where we build prisons instead of playgrounds
where we disdain those who aren’t like us
we wonder why they are violent—then we lock them up.

In a world where we kill with impunity
wage petty wars for corporate interests, give free reign
to our sense of entitlement—we think the world is ours.

In a world where politicians pander and preen
their hands held out for the next dollar
we dare think them honest, trustworthy and compassionate.

In a world where the rich nations take what they want
ignore the poor, seeking only their national interest—
we wonder why they hate us.

In a world where trees are clear cut, as smokestacks rise,
the land farmed and mined for profit over people, oceans poisoned
as species disappear—we call ourselves stewards of the planet.

In a world warming as oceans rise and desserts expand
politicians turn ostrich—their heads in the sand of corporate greed
and tell us to go on—that the earth isn’t changing.

In a world where black, brown and queer is dangerous
where women are second class and the other is the enemy
we dare speak of compassion, of inclusion.

In a world where walls a built to exclude the other
and armies stand ready armed with nuclear bombs
we speak of containment—not peace, of war—not hope.

In a world gone mad, we are sold dreams of eternal youth,
hope for immortality—as TV evangelists offer up hallow prayers
complete with crocodile tears as they ask for money.

We think ourselves worthy of divine intervention
good people on both sides—seeking the blessings of unseen gods
proclaiming our virtue as we condemn our neighbors.

We think ourselves above the beasts and forests
forgetting we too are animals—forgetting the fate
of the earth is our fate—that we have made our gods.

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  1. Well said, Frank Adams!

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