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Keep It Simple

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Jasper Ballard’s poem Time appeared here in January. For those of you who are following his adventures as a missionary, his latest trip to Haiti hit a minor snag when he was questioned by local authorities for bringing large quantities of medical paraphernalia into an unreconstructed part of Port-au-Prince. Fortunately, one of the highers-up recognized him and smoothed things over. His mission proceeded without incident.

Keep It Simple
By Jasper Ballard

The simple things
The overlooked
The small stuff
Insignificant everyday moments
That make us happy
Oh, we all have them.
Fleeting moments rarely noticed.
Take the time.
Notice them.
They make us smile.
It could be as simple as … 
The perfect parking space
McDonald’s fries
The smell of Coppertone
When the appetizer arrives
Snow days
Previews before the movie
The snooze button
Flirting with a stranger
Finding $5 in an old pair of pants
Bumper to bumper traffic … 
on the other side of the highway!
A full tank of gas
New sneakers
All-night diners
A cold beer
[5:00] on Friday
Taking your tie off
The Sunday paper
Holding her hand
New car smell
Taking a shower after a day
at the beach

< div>A glass of wine

Alone time
Give it a try.
Just keep it simple.

2 Responses to “Keep It Simple”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    Yes, I agree!

  2. Simple yes, but delightful.

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