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Gregory Gunn’s most recent poem to appear here was Searching for You (March 2012).

By Gregory Gunn

Provide us a poem
of imprudence for every stanza
of diplomacy we articulated
for intrinsically it is our birthright.
Permit us to ascend to celestial
loftiness where lunar lungs
inflate with platinum & silver
as solar orifices draw in
lustrous, bejeweled gold.

And as we descend toward
the terrestrial globe again,
allow us to hold in high esteem
the rubicund facade of its
supreme ruler as all life
agitates, circumvents us
like a simmering ocean.

Let us imbibe & chortle
& embrace the dissolute,
adore each other faithfully,
as we saunter en route
to our demise.
Let us compose
& capture the holy world,
leave this for our beloved offspring
as remnants by which they
will attach importance to,
recognize us & be thankful.

One Response to “Legacy”

  1. words gsloti says:

    A graceful journey into life.

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