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Mohana Das is an aspiring writer from Kolkata, India. Acoustic Ink describes her as “a mender of words,” and says “Quilting the most delicate form of words, her stunning imagery is alluring and unrelenting … Her elements of writing are haunting and profound, transcending us into different portals of flowing words and obscure euphoria.” Mohana is a student of electronics and communication engineering. Her poetry has been published in 2 anthologies by Silver Bow Publishing (British Columbia, Canada), an anthology by Brian Wrixon, and forthcoming in 2 additional anthologies, and has appeared in Vayavya, The River Journal, Open City 360 blog, and The Brinks Gallery. Visit her website.

By Mohana Das

when the neurotic moon
jumped into a pond
the sky was left bare

i had to wait, powerless,
for my voice to find her lost 

we do not wish to resurface

3 Responses to “Silence”

  1. You must resurface for the morning sun.

  2. bobbietroy says:

    I love short, powerful poetry, which this definitely is. Every line is great.

  3. Anthony Ward says:

    Beautiful words.

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