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letting go

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Rachel Amaru lives and writes in Boulder, Colorado.

letting go
By Rachel Amaru

I’m not ready to let you go yet
not from the earth not into the sky
not from one breath on this side
to one on the other
not into the clouds
not into the air of the birds
not into the dirt where spring daffodils rise
nor into the clump of purple iris
I’m not ready for the non-comfort comfort of
just one breath away
of words I’ve uttered to others to assuage grief
and meant them when said
I am no more prepared than I was the day I was born
I may well believe in the soul that survives
but I’m not ready for it to cleave from body
I’m not ready to forget your face
or the timbre of your voice
to rely on photos and my own warped memories
a burning film reel
sparks in the heavens
redeeming pieces here and there
but it is not enough
I need the physical frame of you
the skin and bones
the eyes the ears the nose
even as your shape morphs with time
I’m not ready for invisibility for presence felt or imagined
for movements and sounds
I’ll attribute to you
to energy and white light and signifying symbols
I’m not ready to let you go yet.

4 Responses to “letting go”

  1. Charlene james says:

    Lovely, touching and yet strong. Welcome to Vox


  2. A beautiful tribute.

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