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Life Revealed

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Karen Finch is a freelance writer currently based in Sydney Australia. She has a background in contemporary craft and design and classical singing, and because her writing evolved through academic work in art and music, Karen refers to herself as “an accidental academic.” This poem will not strike you as accidental in any way.

Life Revealed
By Karen Finch

as if through gauze
people walking
clutching coffee in paper cups
buses passing
their engines dulled
the traffic
of other people’s lives
the colours of the world are dimmed
your voice on the telephone
a tiny pinprick of light
your laugh
a warm glow in the dimness
your touch
meeting the flame of love
that burns within me
for you
hiding within fear and grief
but kept alive by faith and hope 

2 Responses to “Life Revealed”

  1. You gotta send this poem to whoever inspired you. Besides me.

  2. Very powerful piece! I like it!

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