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Little Fireflies

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Bill Blankenship’s most recent poem to appear here was “Illusionary Friendship” (November 2018).

Little Fireflies
By Bill Blankenship

I go out when it gets dark
To find the first tiny spark
You shine your small euphoric light
In deep darkness of the night
Then one by one you multiply
And form a rhythm with your flights
You seem to brighten tiny lives
The way you emulate the skies
With your constellations of sort
Switching off and changing course
It makes you very hard to catch
Until you light upon the grass
You are such alluring stars
Which most children want to jar
But I just want to watch you fly
To see your yellow blinking lights
It is nine o’clock and I must go in
I find it so hard to leave my friends
Continue flickering you miniature stars
And please come again
into my yard

One Response to “Little Fireflies”

  1. Thank you. This brings back many good times in my younger years.

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