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Little Things

08.29.12 Posted in today's words by

Aarushi Vyas’ most recent poem to appear here was Birthday Blues, published as part of Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays in July 2012.

Little Things
By Aarushi Vyas

I don’t care about your new hairstyle

Or your immense money and fame
But the way you say my name
Takes me to paradise

Not your credentials

Nor your facebook page

But your gracious ways

Arouse my deepest respect

What you are rings so loud

In my ears that

I can’t hear what you say

For I can feel the nonverbal cues

Little things you do for me

Really make my day

One Response to “Little Things”

  1. In this beautiful poem, Arushi Vyas’, expresses so well the essence of life.
    Great poet!

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