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Look for Jack Buddha

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Robert CJ Graves is not a stranger to you. You have read his poem No Swimming here and you’ve hopefully read his work in other places as well because his poetry has been widely published. This intriguing poem speaks of dream and detail, as well it might. In Robert’s words: “This poem is a sort of conflation of a vision in a dentist’s chair some 24 years ago with the sounds I hear when my wife and I walk our dog in the park behind our house. It doesn’t do justice to the hallucinatory dream I had (Carlos Castaneda would not approve). However, it does express some of the mysteries and mundane realities that make life in the flesh what it is.”

Look for Jack Buddha
By Robert CJ Graves

the story of everything that did this
that did that

experience the pulse-light
the wandering ball of light
rhythm, vibration

the progression
from street to street, dogs bark
percussion and repercussion

car doors slam, engines rev
a train’s horn hollers insistently

and I look for Jack Buddha
in the pine trees
in the needle lights

4 Responses to “Look for Jack Buddha”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    Hi, Robert: Great poem. Perhaps we’re all looking for a bit of Jack Buddha in the pine trees.

  2. Vivid and honest, flows nicely.

  3. Robert says:

    Thanks for comments everyone. You definitely made my day! ~ RCJG

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