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Love by the Numbers

06.27.10 Posted in today's words by

You might remember Ode to Spring by Harris Tobias (if not, go read it now!). Today he gives us a different kind of love poem, but the poems are both clever and humorous and they are full of wonderful imagery.

Love by the Numbers
By Harris Tobias

In a world where math is spoken
And all songs are one to nine
Where books are all quadratic
And first names all are prime
There’s a place I want to show you
It’s beside the river eight
There’s a cozy little cottage
With a fractal for a gate
We will never be divided
If you come and live with me
We’ll multiply and show the world
That one and one make three
We’ll raise our little integers
Beside the flowing stream
We’ll school them in their numbers
And show them how to dream
In the evening when the sun goes down
And we have done our chores
I’ll show you my equation 
And you will show me yours

4 Responses to “Love by the Numbers”

  1. The flow of this is amazing. The pulse beautiful.

  2. Joan McNerney says:

    O how I like this poem. It has always seemed to me there is a great deal of math in poetry…an under-recognized and mysterious force.

    The play on words is delightful. Too delightful or is that two delightful lovers in primal poetry?

    Kudos to the author.

  3. Jessie Carty says:

    Love this 🙂 fractal gate!

  4. Jean says:

    Whimsy, thy name is Harris Tobias!

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