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Mala’alot Dafna’s Center: Community Teichel

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s poetry has been seen here before (Living as Though It Matters, Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve, My Boyfriend Coughs up Platitudes)
and will be seen here again. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart
Prize. This poem presents scenes of daily life in Israel in a somewhat
different context than what we see on the news. You don’t need to
understand Hebrew or Yiddish to understand the word play in this
colorful and affectionately rendered slice of life.

Mala’alot Dafna’s Center: Community Teichel
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Mala’alot Dafna’s community center pulls
Sweet babies, some suckling,
Most smiling;
Mommies and Daddies drawn by their morot,
Kallot with teichels and large hoop earrings,
Parading children beyond strewn sidewalks
Into the light of hafkafot music.

Mala’alot Dafna’s community center pulls
Some olim, sweet sucklings,
Most smiling;
Mommies and Daddies drawn by morot–
Settlers with teichels and large hoop earrings
Parading students beyond strewn poalim
Into the light of loshen Hakodosh.

Mala’alot Dafna’s community center pulls
Sweet Jews, some suckling,
Most smiling;
Many and different Yidden drawn by life’s morot,
Wearing sheitels, teichels, koo-koos, and large hoop earrings
Parading avot Yisrael beyond strewn rhetoric
Into the light of an amalgamated people.

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