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Man and His Phone

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Jerry Durick’s most recent poem to appear here was “ESL” (October 2016)

Man and His Phone
By Jerry Durick

Eventually, they pinged his phone
But it was dead, as he was dead
They found; they found them, one
Holding the other, trying till the end
They guessed, to get a signal, but out
There, there never is one; sadly enough,
A man should outlive his phone, whole
Generations of them in fact, but not
This time around, they went off together.
It’s even easy to picture them out there
He’s standing as tall as he can, holding
It up as high as he could, hoping for
A feeble light, a few bars, hoping to
Somehow master their fate.

2 Responses to “Man and His Phone”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Very contemporary. I can picture it.

  2. Priceless. This is so vivid. I can see half the men in our family.

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