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Marooned Bells

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Michael D. Amitin’s most recent poem to appear here was “4 a.m. Zen Sunday Blue” (October 2018)

Marooned Bells
By Michael D. Amitin

Marooned on a couch brown raft-rocking lle-de-France
Sullen blackboard jazz blowin’ from across the navy New Orleans seas.

Slo-mo angels doing somersaults on my torn red curtain reverie
in these broken Halloween bones and mask
I rummage through the ashes that crashed me into
this pink, new golden face dawn.

floating past jagged-edged icicles into the night melting
chocolate Clark Terry’s “They Didn’t Believe Me.”

Love lost is something we can never afford
head stuck on a starboard mast
crashing through storm waves painted in dead dreams.

And feeling that familiar frost-bitten regret again—that we never
consummated the close quarters of then, what are regrets other than
dead sea gulls floating in a ghost soup sea.

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