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Mary’s Place

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Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was The skipping stone (August 2011).

Mary’s Place
By Christopher Roe

It’s named the Tap Tavern
Mary Taps to some.
To me it’s just Mary’s Place
and the reason I come.

Heat from a well-tended peat fire
fills the small space to warm us all.
Astronaut, princess, and others elite
smile out from pictures on the wall.

The famous Kinsale ghost tour
stops to quench the tourists’ thirst. 
Mary kindly pouring dark pints
until their bladders fairly burst.

I never want for company
be it Michael, Tom, or others.
Opinions and advice are free
in this company of brothers.

Morning sun, bright light of day
removes all doubts about last night
burning cobwebs of regret away
I’ll keep trying until I get it right.

Under a blue moon’s stern gaze
I walk with a drunkard’s grace
through darkened lanes of Kinsale
after the craic at Mary’s Place.

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