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In Pieces

09.22.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Julie Ellinger Hunt’s most recent poem to appear here was Fruit Flies. Do you love her work? Her second full-length poetry collection is available via unbound CONTENT. Buy it, read it, and let her know you can’t wait for read her third full-length poetry collection … 

In Pieces
By Julie Ellinger Hunt
you call out,
no one wants to help you,
you call out again–
this time, I’m there
I pull off your halo and throw
it back down to Earth.
In its place I put myself.

I say goodbye to you when I
know you’ll never leave my mind.
You and the sweetest eyes
I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been scorned,
told to never speak your name,
yet all I see is you.
And feel your lips on my own.

I detest knowing you as like I
detest the taste of rain,
you are that thorn in my side
now, once the arms that
held me
up, though brief … nonetheless,
you held me … 

curtains close again.
blackened stage.
the audience takes their seats,
a thousand rows of head bob and
They care little about who you and
I even are,
why we are what we are,
yet they comment
and taunt.
the curtains open.
they ooooo and aaaaaahhhhh
I pull out my middle finger 
and just dance.

One Response to “In Pieces”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    I like this one, Julie!

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