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Patty Cole is a 2012 NCPS Honorable Mention honoree and a 2011 Fields of Earth Poetry Competition finalist. Her other credits are The Sound of Poets Cooking (anthology), The Main Street Rag, Mused Winter 2011 Solstice, The Melancholy Dane, and the Kanawha Review. She lives in Bonlee NC on a 17-acre farm where she and her husband raise chickens, 4 cats, and 1 dog, Frodo. To stay sane she writes, practices NIA dance exercise, and takes lots of walks on her farm. About this poem Patty says “it came to me so fast I barely had time to write it down.” So many ways a poem can be born … 

By Patty Cole

Untangle my mind.
Untangle my soul.
Untangle my heart.

Let me breathe you in
O breath of life;
come to me as a sparrow
to the branch in spring.

I open the window. Your spirit
comes gushing on the wind.
I am healed.

Resurrect in me the happy heart
of a child. Soak me in your honey.

And I will love like a well
of water that overflows, flooding
every crevice of every crack
of every parched life.

2 Responses to “Meditation”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    Lovely, Patty.

  2. I was there and I’m breathing deep.

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