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Mnemonic, Knight, Psychology

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Steven Minchin’s most recent poem to appear here was “. . . That Turns Us When We’re Turned Away” (February 2019)

Mnemonic, Knight, Psychology
By Steven Minchin

You’re my apthong
silent and before me
always half known and given
to make me memorable, defined
in part

I’m attached like grammar
is to spelling and meaning
always lowercase and pronounced
to make You unique, paired
in part

We’re one thing leading
in part one of us is unheard
and the other is misgiving
in these actions We exist, and
We part

to pair with others
often and unabashedly
never twitching and always
connecting, communicant vessels
in part

You’re baffling the majority
those blank stares and eyes snarling
never really caring and co-existing
to make Me unique, part of You
in part

One Response to “Mnemonic, Knight, Psychology”

  1. Ed Zahniser says:

    Whoa! Like this poem. Thanx

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