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My Wife

02.14.20 Posted in today's words by

Rajiv Khandelwal’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Poem Unborn” (January 2020).

My Wife
By Rajiv Khandelwal

To me
My wife is like the advertisements
The newspapers need to survive

My need of her
Is like the alcoholic’s desire for the 8:00 pm drink

Even her silent presence
Gives as much pleasure
As does short-lived momentary vision
To a drug-induced blind

She is the one I can always count on
The one on whom I can lean on
When I am pressurized
To me
She is like the oxygen-mask
To respiratory distressed fliers

She is the star Polaris navigating my life
She is as supportive
As the sleeping pills to a insomniac

In my life
She is the cloud
Without which there can be no rain

But she believes
All this is bullshit
It’s just like the politician’s populist subterfuge
Designed to impress the children

I wonder
If the wise can apprise
As to what’s with wives?

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