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My Words

11.15.09 Posted in today's words by

Ware is a global citizen striving to make a difference. She volunteers
her time facilitating poetry workshops with at-risk youth and victims
of abuse. She is founder of the Black Feather Put On Earth To Speak
(POETS) in Anchorage, AK. This nonprofit group of artists is committed
to raising awareness for the prevention of teen suicide. To learn more
about her work please visit her web site This poem is, quite simply, a love note.

My Words
By Jimmi Ware

Let me wrap you in the warmth of my words, soft tones without microphones
Let me step away from the stage to engage in the fading art of communication
Let me speak ease to your pain
For today is all we truly have
Let me ease your fears and dry your tears with verbal finesse
My words will suffice when music cannot heal
My words will remind you that I too am
My words will astound the senses like a Nina Simone song followed by Duke
My words will comfort you in your time of sorrow and provide hope for tomorrow

Have you not heard? Love is the verb defining my words

2 Responses to “My Words”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the rhythm and internal rhyme. It’s like a spoken word piece.

  2. Jimmi says:

    Thank you Sarah, I perform it as such! I appreciate your kind words~ Jimmi

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