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The Necessity of Rage

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Susie Sweetland Garay’s most recent poem to appear here was “Lantern Light” (July 2017)

The Necessity of Rage
By Susie Sweetland Garay

I am tiered of building walls
to protect my tender heart.

I want to get angry.

To allow my fury for all
that is wrong with this world.

They tell me
to calm down

but I know
how to tell
the truth from a lie,
and I will not be calm.

I will not be nice.

I will be as loud as I like
for as long as I like.

I am the difficult woman.

Our daughters will inherit this world
and so we go to work to make it worth giving.

I will not apologize for strength
or truth telling.

We each feel a full rainbow of emotion
forgetting in the moment that they are each a gift.
Forgetting the feeling of going years without the release of a good solid cry,
without so many portions of a truthful life,

and truthfully we cannot be powerfully anything
without being truthful.

I need lightness.
I am out of balance.
My roar and my whisper
both feel neglected and so come forward
yelling whenever they see an opportunity.

Something is missing.

Something angry is
trying to crawl out through my mouth,
livid at having to escape instead of being set free.

I want to walk on my toes
to bend
and stretch
in all directions.

The cold wind is growing old
but we are not afraid of a bit of blood,
and so we will all be back tomorrow.

One Response to “The Necessity of Rage”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Wow. Very powerful, Susie.

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