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Hugh Fox made his first appearance here with his poem Down to in June. You remember his style and this is a similar yet very different kind of poem. His style is conversational, what he relates here he could be relating on a phone or in an office or on an airplane. Don’t you love the stories you never expected to hear because you weren’t planning on eavesdropping?

By Hugh Fox

More news from Brazil, Teresa (64) dead
for a month, now Lourdes (63) with pancreatic
cancer, their father dead at 63, 30 years ago,
their mother dead at 62 … all the numbers pointing
to carefully programed cellular NOWs, I tell
dramatically crying Bernadete, “You think you’re 
crying for her/them, but it’s also yourself, and me
without you … if that (77) could ever happen … “

18 Responses to “News”

  1. bobbie troyo says:

    I can relate to this. Well done.

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