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Nicky the Chef

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John D. Robinson is a UK poet. He has published two chapbooks of poetry: When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowhere To Hide (Holy&intoxicated Publications 2016) and Cowboy Hats & Railways (Scars Publications 2016). His work is published widely in small press and online literary journals.

Nicky the Chef
By John D. Robinson

Nicky was a fine chef and he’d
cook these wonderful and
treacherous huge pots of
vegetable curry which we’d
eat for days: Nicky was a
35 year old virgin and when
he wasn’t cooking he’d play
the guitar and sing love songs
to jesus: he didn’t seem to
sleep too good, he’d awake in
the early hours and shout and
scream to the good lord and
beg forgiveness and then he’d
partition the lord for a 21
gear bicycle and every morning
he’d gaze down at the end of
the bed with excitement
expecting that bike to be there
but it never was: it never came:
these days Nicky no longer prays
either for forgiveness or a bicycle,
he doesn’t cook or play the
guitar and sing to sweet jesus:
he sits mute everyday in his
room, looking out of a window
looking across something he
feels he doesn’t belong to
and doesn’t want to now,
not now, he’d never make it
without that bicycle.

One Response to “Nicky the Chef”

  1. I hope Nicky, makes it to the perfect road where his life will be everything he wants.

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