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O, March

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How many of you still have snow on the ground? That many? Well then,
this one is for you! Thank you Sharon Poch for putting words to it for
us! You may remember that Sharon lives and writes in Virginia Beach VA,
and that part of the country has seen more than its share of winter
weather this year.
After you read this, reread other lovely works by Sharon (The Future, 9/11).

O, March
By Sharon Poch

Belie your innocence in daffodil heads
severed by angry blusters of revenge
Free Winter!
Release to your Roman godfather
and let him thunder his distress
while you sing to the muses
of nascent sunlight
Manic-depressive mother
given over to fits of rage
and spring tarantellas
soak the earth with waters
of passion and renewal

Quaff the honeyed mead,
gambol with the goats,
cavort with the lambs,
buzz with the bees,
Quaff more honeyed mead

And lay me down with the lion

5 Responses to “O, March”

  1. Jessie Carty says:

    I grew up near VA Beach, VA and snow there is never a good thing! Thanks for sharing your poem 🙂

  2. Kay Middleton says:

    This is intellectual and playful.I wanted to read it again and again. Maybe even have some mead. Mostly it reminds that March does have some good qualities.

  3. This poem tells us the depth of ones thoughts. My favorite part is…spring tarantellas soak the earth with waters
    of passion and renewal. This decribes life no matter what happens it renews itself.

  4. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    Oh, Sharon. You captured March with all its whims so wonderfully! I love reading your poems and wrote and told you so on Facebook several days ago, then realized I hadn’t seen your “Wall” there.

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