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Of Sea and Sand

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Sana Khalesi’s collaboration with Stan Galloway, Nocturne in C, appeared here in April 2012.

Of Sea and Sand
By Sana Khalesi

You see my hesitation–
you see me,
taking steps back and forth,
not only on your nerves,
but also on our soil,
the sands of this world
that we are building in letters
   and letters.

I am the sea,
the vast-vast sea
in all its chaos and mad purity,
and it is to my sea,
(this wave upon wave
of the sea that is me)
that you are the sand;
for you stand
when I take a step back
when the moon wanes,
a step forward,
when the moon–
that lunar pull,
that lover of all lunatics–
And as still as the sand you are,
while I become the mermaid,
bare and bold,
daring finally to fully trust the shore
for a little walk with my new feet,
leaving my goldfish-tail behind.

One Response to “Of Sea and Sand”

  1. Stan says:

    Of course I’m delighted with the poem. I’m always impressed by the way you take simple images and create something complex and unexpected. Bravo!

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