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Older and Insisting

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Vanessa Raney is an American living in Croatia (and traveling). She was a fellowship participant at Sa(n)jam Knjige u Istri (19th Annual Book Fair in Istria), where she got to network with book publishers. To see some of her publications and to learn more about her, visit her blog.

Older and Insisting
By Vanessa Raney

Junkyard coffee shop, with
relics transposed against the
walls, their small photos easy to
overlook, things getting lost then
reappearing as I’m sitting which
brings me back to them, obsessed with
detail, curvature and form, lines that
mark other cultures than the
one I’m in, Muslim music mixing in with
our American songs from a different
age, reminiscing, trying to ascertain what
part of history this place contained, if it
survived the war or rose in spite, an
echolocation scattered in
debris, older and insisting though
more eyes than mine refuse this
irony, of absence.

One Response to “Older and Insisting”

  1. Sharon Poch says:

    “. . . an echolocation scattered in debris, . . .” One of the many lines that evoke an immediate sense of place and timelessness.
    Thank you for sharing your poetic musing.

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