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On my patio

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Krista Ramsay holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Butler University, where she served as poetry editor for Booth: A Journal. Two of her poems will be appearing in the summer 2013 issue of Inclement Poetry Magazine. She currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband Dave and two turtles, Gary and Otis.

On my patio
By Krista Ramsay

The rain quickens and drops
over the twisted wrought iron rails
of the balcony upstairs.

My Rose of Sharon, the althea tree, has been
fading since the first week of October.
In its waxy leaves, a yellow house spider is
descending from its web, silk unraveling. Wind
picks up, the spider scuttles beneath a potted marigold,
one I could never remember to water.

The rain, in sheets, blows, topples
clay pots, swells shrived earth, seeps
between peeling slats, into my hands. I refuse
the safety of eaves. I step into the storm.

One Response to “On my patio”

  1. You’ve drawn us in with the hope of beauty on the landscape. Lovely.

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