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Once in a Blue Moon

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John McCallum’s poem My Fast That Did Not Last appeared here in November. This poem is a narrative and it invites us into a space and time we were not part of.

Once In a Blue Moon
By John McCallum

Coarse teflon sand invades our toes
Sweet smells from that rainy green ribbon
Along the beach that sounds alive…
Our meandering chatter leads us on
“good morning” … “morning”
Footprints follow us to a warm silky sea
Arms & legs floating you & me.
That night, not a star in sight
We rest on balcony views
Gin & tonic dark choppy seas
Darkness tries to dominate
But the cool wind sets us free … 
An ice block clinks as she sips her drink
Craving, cuddles, expectations we think.
Woolen black clouds moving shapes we dream
Bright silver exploding at each edge
Our host exposes herself hanging in blackness
White pearl this liquid light
Ours to embrace on a Noosa blue moon night.

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